the real deal: frequently asked

  • Why should we make our own edibles?
  • ~Your dispensary sometimes runs out of edible items.
    ~You have a supply of concentrate, but your clients prefer the lower price of finished items with one dose each.
    ~You want to get higher markup for each dosage, but you're not a baker, a scrapbooker or the artistic type.
    ~Your edible supply is priced by the manufacturer, so you're breaking even on them--not making bank.

  • How can we make customized infused edibles at our shop?
  • With the Real Deal Bakery's patent-pending pantry kit. We supply everything you need to create cupcakes, marshmallows, birthday cakes and more. You add your product to our formula, calculate dosage, and send your customer away with a tasty, quick-acting and good-looking treat.

  • Our state licensing is...picky. Can we sell edibles too?
  • Short answer: Yes.
    Longer answer: If your state requires a health certificate for food handling, or forbids food items that must be kept hot or cold, or mandates that each item is marked with its can do that, using our kit. At your site, with your supplies, no baking, mixing, cooking or chilling has to happen. You can customize items to order, adding the active ingredient only, to products manufactured or baked in a licensed shop or kitchen.

  • Can you ship us Magic Marshmallows(tm)?
  • We supply customized marshmallows with your choice of designs, from your logo to a holiday theme. However, we can't ship infused items to you. If you prefer to have infused items made for you on site, ask about your territory's site production specialist.