Magic Marshmallows

Tasty. Gorgeous. Reliable dosing and predictable delivery time. There's a lot to like. Ask about delivery to your retail or dispensary location, or production on your site.

Product Labels

Dosing must be marked on each item? Each serving? Contents must be labeled? Yup. We can do that. With your logo, or whatever else you can imagine, on your items. Call for a quote and shipping time.

Pantry Kits

All you need is the concentrate. We ship you the kit and site-produced, predictably-dosed, reliable edibles are on your shelves. It's that easy to comply with state and local requirements. can't send product in the mail!

Exactly. So the problem our industry faces is: How can dispensaries and retailers make their own edibles, on site, using supplies they have on hand? Our kits are designed to let you work around that little issue, even if you'd burn water in the kitchen. You don't need to hire a baker or chef, or even know your way around metric measurement conversions. How many ounces are in a liter again? Let us handle that for you. If you found this website, you have the skills you need to craft customized edible products on demand. Contact us today for a quote.

Our best-selling books are available online.